n.1.A relater of stories; an historian.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Having scrutinised and analysed in detail all of the exhibits, the winners were revealed as follows: In the Monochrome Print section, first place and third places were awarded to Mandy Sherrington for her entries'Waiting for Customers' and 'Cathedral Cove' respectively, whilst Richard Storier achieved second place with his entry'Streymoy'.
"It marvels me how much these guys can recall." One regular visitor to the group is former Airdrie player Bob Storier, who wore the Diamonds during the 1950s.
Robert Lee's engaging essay, which situates Vizenor as "storier" in Father Meme, a story that creates its own narrative mode, a combination of fact and fiction produced by an exacting attention to composition.
Police spokesman Fergus Storier called him "irresponsible".
Richard Storier thanked John for an interesting and enjoyable presentation which had been put together at short notice and, with tongue in cheek, was asked when he was able to come back again!
It began after a few supporters visited an ex-Airdrie player, Bob Storier, who played for the club back in the 1950s and who currently resides in Park Springs Care Home, Motherwell.
In chapter 5, "Gerald Vizenor as Novelist and Storier," Madsen examines both novels and stories because, in part, it is difficult to separate these two genres.
Robert was pleased to see his favourite things of local steam engines, landscapes, and re-enactments all represented and places that he would like to visit commenting that, 'there are too many places and not enough time!' First place in the Monochrome section went to Richard Storier with "Attending the Wounded" achieving 20 points.
These were Alun Williams, Richard Storier, Mandy Sherrington, Pete Smith and Gianpiero Ferrari which once again proved that Sileby can boast some very fine photographers indeed when it comes to competing with the cream of the crop.
Richard Storier's print'Into Battle' achieved second place with 19 points, with joint third place going to Mandy Sherrington for'Wet Day, Cromer'and to Richard for 'The Great Patriot', each receiving 18 points.
RICHARD and Carol Storier, two of Sileby Photographic Society's long-standing members, entertained their colleagues at the meeting held on Monday, 11th February.
After much deliberation, the process of elimination resulted in the semi-finals being contested between Bob Andrews and Richard Storier, and Kevin Blood and Mike Belson.