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a.1.Being accustomed to tell stories.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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That will be a new thing in logic, and a feat in story-telling somewhat older than the great wall of China.
He had a gift for story-telling, and his adventures lost nothing of their romance and their laughter in his narration.
'Now, I'll tell you what, young Copperfield,' said he: 'the wine shall be kept to wet your whistle when you are story-telling.'
Whatever I had within me that was romantic and dreamy, was encouraged by so much story-telling in the dark; and in that respect the pursuit may not have been very profitable to me.
The travelers readily accept the proposal of Harry Bailey, their jovial and domineering host, that he go with them as leader and that they enliven the journey with a story-telling contest (two stories from each pilgrim during each half of the journey) for the prize of a dinner at his inn on their return.
And now the Forest Road Green Belt Gardeners, of which Harry was an integral member, has launched the appeal which will see the creation of a Forest Road Story-Telling Oak Seat.
Summary: Gulf News was among the first to see the dawn of digital age, adapted our story-telling
Chapter three discusses the links between dance-drama, oral story-telling, and the tales connected to the paintings in the collection.
Shareathon is a first-of-its-kind open, public-speaking (TED-type) platform for people to showcase their leadership skills by story-telling and ideas that they believe in.
Fun and learning through story-telling True to the above quote, Preparatory students participated in a story-telling session to strengthen their speaking skills and to sharpen their memory.
In a scenario where for many children listening to a story is a thing of the past, as the majority of them watch stories unfold on the television, keeping the art of story-telling alive is important.