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 (stour, sto͝or, stôr)
A river, about 70 km (45 mi) long, of southeast England emptying into the North Sea in two channels enclosing the Isle of Thanet.
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(staʊə) or


1. turmoil or conflict
2. dust; a cloud of dust
[C14: from Old French estour armed combat, of Germanic origin; related to Old High German sturm storm]


1. (Placename) Also called: Great Stour a river in S England, in Kent, rising in the Weald and flowing N to the North Sea: separates the Isle of Thanet from the mainland
2. (Placename) any of several smaller rivers in England
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The valley of the Stour is beyond, unaccountable stream, dirty at Blandford, pure at Wimborne--the Stour, sliding out of fat fields, to marry the Avon beneath the tower of Christchurch.
Frome was forced inward towards Dorchester, Stour against Wimborne, Avon towards Salisbury, and over the immense displacement the sun presided, leading it to triumph ere he sank to rest.
Him the pleasant banks of sweetly-winding Stour had nourished, where he first learnt the vocal art, with which, wandering up and down at wakes and fairs, he cheered the rural nymphs and swains, when upon the green they interweaved the sprightly dance; while he himself stood fiddling and jumping to his own music.
Archers from the New Forest and the Forest of Bere, billmen from the pleasant country which is watered by the Stour, the Avon, and the Itchen, young cavaliers from the ancient Hampshire houses, all were pushing for Christchurch to take service under the banner of the five scarlet roses.
This unseemly levity so raged the diocesan that the offender was publicly anathematized, thrown into the Stour and replaced by another head of Saint Dennis, brought from Rome.
Stour director of rugby Neil Mitchell had only 19 players available.
STOURBRIDGE 48 MACCLESFIELD 22 WING wizard Dan Rundle scored a hat-trick as Stour brought down the curtain on their home campaign.
It does have four small ones; the Cole, Rea, Tame and Stour. They and their tributaries have though been critically important, for transport, irrigation, wildlife, and driving mills before there was mechanical power.
Locals will be dressing up, an inflatable lifeboat will sail along the River Stour and, if town centre space allows, a beach may appear near a huge pool of water where model boats will be raced.
Virtually every adult on Papa Stour, population 24, has been called to give evidence at the court case on Shetland's mainland.
With five minutes to go and Stour leading 26-19, a series of scrums on the Chester line saw back-row Nick Cairns go over for what would have been a crucial, matchwinning try.