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A person who hides aboard a ship or other conveyance in order to obtain free passage.
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a person who hides aboard a vehicle, ship, or aircraft in order to gain free passage
(intr, adverb) to travel in such a way
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(ˈstoʊ əˌweɪ)

a person who stows away.
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Noun1.stowaway - a person who hides aboard a ship or plane in the hope of getting free passagestowaway - a person who hides aboard a ship or plane in the hope of getting free passage
passenger, rider - a traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it
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černý pasažér
blind passager
blinde Passagierblinder Passagier
čierny pasažier
slepi potnik
kaçak yolcu


[ˈstəʊəweɪ] Npolizón m, llovido m
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[ˈstəʊəweɪ] npassager/ère m/f clandestin(e)
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[ˈstəʊəˌweɪ] npasseggero/a clandestino/a
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(stəu) verb
to pack neatly and especially out of sight. The sailor stowed his belongings in his locker.
ˈstowaway noun
a person who stows away. They found a stowaway on the ship.
stow away
1. to hide oneself on a ship, aircraft etc before its departure, in order to travel on it without paying the fare. He stowed away on a cargo ship for New York.
2. to put or pack in a (secret) place until required. My jewellery is safely stowed away in the bank.
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He looked back rapidly, looked down the avenue of a squalid and unlovely life, saw himself the child of drink-sodden and brutal parents, remembered the Board School with its unlovely surroundings, his struggles at a dreary trade, his running away and the fierce draughts of delight which the joy and freedom of the sea had brought to him on the morning when he had crept on deck, a stowaway, to be lashed with every rope-end and to do the dirty work of every one.
When his scars were quite healed, and he was no longer anything but painful and stiff, and able to converse a little, I took him yonder and introduced him to the Kanakas as an interesting stowaway.
"The night was still young, and within ten miles there was the best of ports in a storm, and hundreds of holds for the humble stowaway to choose from.
Second, we might note that, in ways which parallel Foucault's discussion of repression within the history of sexuality (Foucault 1990), it would be mistaken to regard the prevention of stowaways as a straightforwardly repressive activity.
Few stowaways survive such attempts, with many freezing to death at high altitude.
It may be a tight fit for jet-setting Irish setters, but trial-size Chihuahuas make perfect stowaways. Actually, airlines require reservations if you plan on flying Fido.
Researchers in Spain have shown a novel way for insects to travel--as larval stowaways in the guts of migrating birds.
The book opens with the cold decision of the captain of a huge cargo ship to put two stowaways overboard onto a palate hastily fastened to steel drums.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-26 July 2004-UK-bound stowaways found in Finland - report(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
In a case branded appalling by a judge, Brian Kent, 52, was left jobless and homeless when his lorry was impounded after he delivered the seven stowaways to UK immigration at Dover three years ago.
DOZENS of Sri Lankan stowaways were discovered yesterday on board a cross Channel ferry about to leave the French port of Caen for England.
The ocean, sea travel, coastal landscapes, strange stories about stowaways and sailors lost on the Atlantic: All are deeply woven into Dean's work.

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