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Dimness of vision, especially when occurring in one eye without apparent physical defect or disease. Also called lazy eye.

[New Latin amblyōpia, from Greek ambluōpiā, from ambluōpos, dim-sighted : amblus, dim; see mel- in Indo-European roots + ōps, ōp-, eye; see myopia.]

am′bly·o′pic (-ō′pĭk, -ŏp′ĭk) adj.


(Medicine) impaired vision with no discernible damage to the eye or optic nerve
[C18: New Latin, from Greek ambluōpia, from amblus dull, dim + ōps eye]
amblyopic adj


(ˌæm bliˈoʊ pi ə)

dimness of sight without apparent organic defect.
[1700–10; < New Latin < Greek amblyōpía=amblý(s) dull + -ōpiā -opia]
am`bly•op′ic (-ˈɒp ɪk) adj.

amblyopia, amblyopy

obscurity of vision, occurring without any organic change in the eyes; the first stage of amaurosis. — amblyopic, adj.
See also: Blindness
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Noun1.amblyopia - visual impairment without apparent organic pathology
vision defect, visual defect, visual disorder, visual impairment - impairment of the sense of sight


n. ambliopía, visión reducida.


n ambliopía, ojo perezoso or vago (fam), disminución f de la agudeza visual sin lesión orgánica del ojo
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