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Noun1.Stradavarius - a violin made by Antonio Stradivari or a member of his family
fiddle, violin - bowed stringed instrument that is the highest member of the violin family; this instrument has four strings and a hollow body and an unfretted fingerboard and is played with a bow
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Leger, held off Crystal Ocean, the mount of reigning champion jockey Jim Crowley and, James Doyle's Stradavarius.
The British challenge is completed by the David Elsworth-trained Desert Skyline, who proved his ability to stay this trip when an excellent third behind Stradavarius and Big Orange in the Goodwood Cup.
Naturally very pretty, there's nothing false or diva-ish about Nicola as she struggles with a suitcase and her pounds 2million Stradavarius violin, which is on loan from an American bank She's already discarded her high heels for comfy boots, has a souvenir teddy in her bag from her graduation and can't understand the desire to become a "celebrity".