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Noun1.straight life insurance - insurance on the life of the insured for a fixed amount at a definite premium that is paid each year in the same amount during the entire lifetime of the insured
life assurance, life insurance - insurance paid to named beneficiaries when the insured person dies; "in England they call life insurance life assurance"
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MCMAFIA WHAT better way to usher in a New Year than with James Norton coming over all James Bond in tux and trunks as the son of Russian gangsters attempting to live the straight life as a banker (a contradiction in terms, perhaps?
Generally, the more safeguards that are added to a straight life annuity, the lower the amount the insurer will pay.
She came out "just shy of" 40, with three kids and a husband, and a straight life that didn't fit anymore.
Gina is trying to live a straight life now, not involving herself in the various "family" businesses.
In our society, many men want a decent and straight life for their daughters who have made mistakes and he may ask a young man to marry her.
The Contracts are available in several different forms, including a straight life annuity, a life annuity with a guarantee period, and a life annuity with various types of refund features.
Aviva offers a rider on a straight life indexed annuity that requires no underwriting: In the event the insured is confined to a nursing home facility, says Jerek, the carrier will double the monthly income payment for the duration of the insured's life.
He says: "I'd had enough of living a very straight life and the more I thought of putting all my money on red or black, the more excited I got.
If you don't think inflation will be a factor, I priced a straight life contingent annuity for a 65-year-old and the premium came in around $55,000 to receive $4,000 a year.
In Pittsburgh, people felt a connection to the Springsteen music I used for Straight Life.
I have made number of religious paintings besides I do straight life paintings also.