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During that triumvirate of kings, King Henry the Eighth of England, Francis the First King of France, and Charles the Fifth Emperor, there was such a watch kept, that none of the three could win a palm of ground, but the other two would straightways balance it, either by confederation, or, if need were, by a war; and would not in any wise take up peace at interest.
But straightways we saw divers of the people, with bastons in their hands, as it were forbidding us to land; yet without any cries or fierceness, but only as warning us off by signs that they made.
(44) The attack upon the hazels re-enacts Orlando's enraged destruction of the trees in Book 23: Straightways he draweth forth his fatal blade And hews the stones; to heave'n the shivers flee; Accursed was that fountain, cave, and shade, The arbor and the flowers and every tree; Orlando of all places havoc made Where he those names together joined may see; Yea, to the spring he did perpetual hurt By filling it with leaves, boughs, stones and dirt.