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n.1.A strake.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The four at the top of this hierarchy, the fully initiated Wither and Frost and the next "class," Straik and Filostrato, illustrate the wide variety of the post-Weston Materialist Magician.
Straik, can be seen as embodying Rousseauian romanticism, and the scientist, Professor Filostrato, exhibits qualities of Baconian romanticism.
Straik and Professor Filostrato, provide a side-by-side comparison of Babbitt's idea of the two types of romanticism, sentimental idealism and scientistic idealism.
Before discussing the characters of Straik and Filostrato, more should be said about how Babbitt lets the two types of naturalism be symbolized by Francis Bacon and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Straik, is an Anglican parson who supports the N.I.C.E.
Mark meets and converses with Straik and Filostrato at the same time.
To Filostrato and Straik this is "the creation of God Almighty....
In 1983, some six months after the pig kill, the theft by an elected official of government monies intended for use on road-building projects in the Gende area focused this anger and unhappiness into a full-blown straik (protest march) against both the provincial and national governments (Zimmer 1985).
contact: Aberdein Considine on 01224 749444 PS239,500 25 STRAIK ROAD, ELRICK, WESTHILL SET within a generous plot in the extremely sought after village of Elrick, this threebedroom detached bungalow boasts an impressive lounge set on open plan with the dining room, kitchen and shower room.
Again, "Nature is the ladder we have climbed up by, now we kick her away." Perhaps the keeping alive of Alcasan's head belongs here, although that is described by Straik more as an attempt to create God.
It follows incidents in the Farepark Garden, Arnhall Drive and Straik Place areas of Westhill on last Thursday and Friday.
There was another incident on the town's Straik Place on Friday afternoon.