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(streit) noun
1. (often in plural) a narrow strip of sea between two pieces of land. the straits of Gibraltar; the Bering Strait.
2. (in plural) difficulty; (financial) need.
ˈstrait-jacket noun
a type of jacket with long sleeves tied behind to hold back the arms of eg a violent and insane person.
ˌstrait-ˈlaced adjective
strict and severe in attitude and behaviour.
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References in classic literature ?
I shouldn't dare; because you are my guardian, and can put me in a strait-jacket if you like;" and Rose laughed in his face, even while she nestled closer with a confiding gesture pleasant to see.
figure By GEOFFREY IRUNGU Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge is closing the year having broken ranks with former employer, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), even as he is expected to apply the multilateral lender's policies in the monetary sector.At the time he was appointed the governor, one of the first issues that arose was that he was beholden to IMF strait-jacket policy framework having worked there for decades and carried out reviews the institution normally does on members.
"On Halloween, see me dangling upside down by my ankles attempting to escape from a tested strait-jacket in just 90 seconds.
In the event, Villa defended brilliantly against the Spanish Under-21 international and had him virtually tied up in a strait-jacket throughout the 90 minutes.
The original 'Alice Cooper', after whom the band was named, was a witch and this was reflected in their shows, during which Alice (the singer) has been guillotined, poisoned, hanged and put in a strait-jacket, whilst also petting a boa constrictor.
The ability of a teacher to integrate internal and external sources of information and stimuli for a student - so that he or she can utilise learning as an active principle, rather than a passive attribute - is the only way to liberate him or her from the strait-jacket of classroom didacticism.
In condemning crowd funding, Mr ap Gwynfor wants the arts to be put in a strait-jacket - where their only funding is from government and ticket sales - and deny them vital support and a better future.
Of course there will be those who argue the blood stained strait-jacket is only 'a bit of fun'.
This is not the first time I have maimed my face in my sleep and I have no idea why I do it or how to stop it, short of wearing a strait-jacket or scratch mitts.
Houchin and his wife earlier this year broke the world magic record for the fastest upside-down, dual strait-jacket escape.
Hardly surprising - there aren't many people who can free themselves from a strait-jacket.
Central to Tierney's presentation is his claim that these Obama attributes are in themselves doctrinaire and put us into a strait-jacket of possible responses when the Iraq example is no longer applicable