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Noun1.Strait of Dover - the strait between the English Channel and the North Sea; shortest distance between England and the European continent
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But before Pierre- who at that moment imagined himself to be Napoleon in person and to have just effected the dangerous crossing of the Straits of Dover and captured London- could pronounce Pitt's sentence, he saw a well-built and handsome young officer entering his room.
Mate says we must be past Straits of Dover, as in a moment of fog lifting he saw North Foreland, just as he heard the man cry out.
But long before the declaration of war--indeed,on Whit Monday--the whole German fleet of eighteen battleships, with a flotilla of fuel tenders and converted liners containing stores to be used in support of the air-fleet, had passed through the straits of Dover and headed boldly for New York.
There are a wide variety of rock types that skirt the British coast, from the old rugged, seemingly impervious granites and gneiss of much of Scotland's west coast, to the famous high chalk escarpments of the Straits of Dover in southeast England.
UK naval vessels have been shadowing a Russian aircraft carrier through the Straits of Dover.
30pm The English Channel is one of the busiest shipping areas in the world and at its narrowest point, the Straits of Dover, 33km of sea separates England and France.
Every day you could see what looked like a huge black cloud heading towards us across the Straits of Dover," says Tony.
There are a lot of frighteningly large blue circles, indicating the drownings of thousands, in the Straits of Gibraltar and of Otranto, the Aegean, and the waters between Tunisia and Italy, while another big purple circle in the Straits of Dover indicates the 58 Chinese who suffocated in a sealed lorry at Dover in June 2000.
The Channel is 21 miles at its narrowest point, the Straits of Dover.