Strait of Gibraltar

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Noun1.Strait of Gibraltar - the strait between Spain and Africa
Pillars of Hercules - the two promontories at the eastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar; according to legend they were formed by Hercules
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The day the last of those battleships passed through the Straits of Gibraltar, this little Conference was plotted.
Because Joppa, the modern Jaffa, shipmates, is on the most easterly coast of the Mediterranean, the Syrian; and Tarshish or Cadiz more than two thousand miles to the westward from that, just outside the Straits of Gibraltar. See ye not then, shipmates, that Jonah sought to flee world-wide from God?
It was the advice of some of them to throw us all into the sea wrapped up in a sail; for their purpose was to trade at some of the ports of Spain, giving themselves out as Bretons, and if they brought us alive they would be punished as soon as the robbery was discovered; but the captain (who was the one who had plundered my beloved Zoraida) said he was satisfied with the prize he had got, and that he would not touch at any Spanish port, but pass the Straits of Gibraltar by night, or as best he could, and make for La Rochelle, from which he had sailed.
According to, a ship tracking website, late on Thursday the ship had just cleared the Canary Islands on a course due north toward the Straits of Gibraltar.
A barrage of harsh statements followed when Spanish media reported that Russia's naval battle group led by aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov would make a stopover at the autonomous port of Ceuta after passing the Straits of Gibraltar on Wednesday.
Lisbon: Oman Air-Musandam collected another bonus point earlier yesterday for being the first to pass through the Straits of Gibraltar en route to Lisbon, Portugal, in the first leg of the Route des Princes 2013.
It involved a team of 10 running from Newcastle to Dover, swimming the English Channel, cycling from Calais to Gibraltar via the Pyrenees Mountains, and swimming the 16-mile Straits of Gibraltar to Ceuta, a Spanish colony on the north coast of Africa - in seven days.
Over the past two-and-a-half years Steve swam the English Channel, the North Channel separating Ireland and Scotland, the Straits of Gibraltar, the Catalina Channel, off California, the Cook Strait in New Zealand, Moloka'i Channel in Hawaii and the Tsuguru Strait in Japan.
In this regard, Laenser commended Spain's effective response to foil operations of drug trafficking between the two shores of the straits of Gibraltar.
* THAMES CHALLENGE: David Walliams and his target - in 2006 he swam the Channel, raising pounds 1 million in aid of Sports Relief and he has also swum the Straits of Gibraltar