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strand 1

Land, typically a beach, bordering a body of water.
v. strand·ed, strand·ing, strands
a. To drive or run (a boat, for example) ashore or aground.
b. To cause (a whale or other sea animal) to be unable to swim free from a beach or from shallow water.
2. To bring into or leave in a difficult or helpless position: The convoy was stranded in the desert.
3. Baseball To leave (a base runner) on base at the end of an inning.
4. Linguistics To separate (a grammatical element) from other elements in a construction, either by moving it out of the construction or moving the rest of the construction. In the sentence What are you aiming at, the preposition at has been stranded.
1. To be driven or run ashore or aground: The boat stranded on the rocks.
2. To be stranded, as on a beach. Used of sea animals.

[Middle English, from Old English.]

strand 2

1. A complex of fibers or filaments that have been twisted together to form a cable, rope, thread, or yarn.
a. A single filament, such as a fiber or thread, of a woven or braided material.
b. A ropelike length of something: a strand of pearls; a strand of DNA.
c. A wisp or lock of hair.
3. One of the elements woven together to make an intricate whole, such as the plot of a novel.
tr.v. strand·ed, strand·ing, strands
1. To make or form (a rope, for example) by twisting strands together.
2. To break a strand of (a rope, for example).

[Middle English strond.]


A thoroughfare in west-central London, England, running parallel to the northern bank of the Thames River and eastward from Trafalgar Square in the West End to the City of London. Among its well-known fixtures is the Savoy Hotel.


1. left helpless, as without transport
2. that has beached or run aground
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Adj.1.stranded - cut off or left behind; "an isolated pawn"; "several stranded fish in a tide pool"; "travelers marooned by the blizzard"
unaccompanied - being without an escort


1. beached, grounded, marooned, ashore, shipwrecked, aground, cast away He returned to his stranded vessel yesterday afternoon.
2. helpless, abandoned, high and dry, left in the lurch He left me stranded by the side of the road.
ajautunut jonnekin, josta ei pääse pois
오도가도 못하는
bị kẹt lại


[ˈstrændɪd] adj
to be stranded [traveller, holidaymaker] → être coincé(e)
We were stranded in Paris → Nous étions coincés à Paris.
jellyfish that were stranded on the beach → les méduses échouées sur la plage


[ˈstrændɪd] adj to be (left) stranded (ship, fish) → essere arenato/a; (person, without transport) → essere lasciato/a a piedi; (without money) → trovarsi nei guai
to leave sb stranded → lasciare qn nei guai


مَتْرُوك uvízlý strandet festsitzen χαμένος encallado ajautunut jonnekin, josta ei pääse pois perdu zatočen bloccato 立ち往生した 오도가도 못하는 gestrand strandet pozostawiony własnemu losowi encalhado выброшенный на берег strandad ติดอยู่ในที่ใดที่หนึ่ง kısılıp kalmak bị kẹt lại 束手无策的