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The International Leprosy Congress-III was held at Strassbourg in 1923 (Box 5).1 At this congress meeting leprosy was classified into three main types based on location of bacilli in various organs of the body.
(PACT, 51.) Council of Europe, Strassbourg, Rixensart, 385-396.
pylori at the Institute of Pathology, Klinikum Bayreuth, using Roche monoclonal antibody clone SP48 rabbit-antihuman 790-1014 on Ventana Benchmark Ultra, Strassbourg, France.
de Staehlin, ouvrage traduit de I'allemand (Strassbourg: n.p., 1787).
When it comes to pairing, some suggested combinations include: Cocosia's Strassbourg chocolate with Dammann Freres Earl Grey Vert Primeur; the delicate green Earl Grey tea with the sweet milky flavours of the caramel and milk chocolate; for stronger earthy Dammann Freres Pu-Erh teas, pair with the Japanese citrus flavours of Cocosia's Yuzu; and the smokiness of the Lapsang Souchong tea requires an equally strong partner, therefore the bitter-sweetness of Cocosia's quality 70% couverture matches up.
The legal status of long-term migrants in Europe, Paper by Professor Kees Groenendijk, Strassbourg. Retrieved from: %20-%20Legal%20status%20of%20long-term%20migrants%20in%20Europe_en.pdf
The Strassbourg Pass is 15 euros and gets you five free offers, four half-price offers, and some discounts over three days.
(58.) Reinhardus Lutz, "Verzaichnus vn kurtzer begriff der Kiikzerischen vn verdampten Leer Martin Steinbachs..." (Strassbourg: Christian Muller, 1566), Ex.
C'est Janos Matolai, agent des hongrois a la Cour de Vienne qui avait envoye chez les Teleki, a leur domaine de Sard, ce professeur de langues originaire de Strassbourg pour enseigner aux enfants en precepteur de famille l'allemand et le francais.