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Noun1.Strassburg - city on the Rhine in eastern France near the German borderStrassburg - city on the Rhine in eastern France near the German border; an inland port
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8-9 Oct 18 Rubber Compounding Principles Strassburg,
But he later excelled at the universities of Zurich and Strassburg.
Grebel also attacked "the slothful scholars and doctors at Wittenberg" (Luther, Leo Jud, and Osiander) and those at Strassburg who also continued to practice infant baptism.
La determinacion de los aspectos a evaluar en la priorizacion se hizo con base en la identificacion de: (i) temas concurrentes en los planes y (ii) aspectos clave para la priorizacion como informacion biofisica, economica, social y previos usos del suelo (Figura 1, caja 3B; Cipollini, Maruyama, & Zimmerman, 2005; Hyman & Leibowitz, 2000; Latawiec, Strassburg, Brancalion, Rodrigues, & Gardner, 2015; Wilson et al.
The text contains contributions in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Italian, and is signed in cities including Strassburg, Konigsberg, Heidelberg, Lausanne, Zurich, and Geneva.
It is largely based on the romance by Gottfried von Strassburg and was composed between 1857 and 1859.
Indeed, the works of authors of the period such as Gottfried von Strassburg and Wolfram von Eschenbach present a direct challenge to the Church, secularizing the divine and finding it outside of the official doctrine.
BDIs range from minor accessory duct leakage to complex hilar injuries as described and classified by Strassburg et al8.
Despite three hundred years of hostility, after World War II both the president of France and the Chancellor of West Germany met in a French city Strassburg near the German border and asked themselves, "Why don't we live without war?
In diesem Kapitel geht es insbesondere um die Darstellung von schonen Frauen bei Hartmann von Aue (Enite), Gottfried von Strassburg (Isolde), Wirnt von Grafenberg (Florie) und Heinrich von demTurlin (Amurfma).