Strategic position

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The prince jumped up so furiously that Lebedeff ran towards the door; having gained which strategic position, however, he stopped and looked back to see if he might hope for pardon.
The Arab, who had gone down with his mount, was standing astride him, and seeing the Belgian's strategic position behind his fallen horse, lost no time in taking up a similar one behind his own.
The strategic position where the operations would take place was familiar in all its details to the Austrian General Weyrother: a lucky accident had ordained that the Austrian army should maneuver the previous year on the very fields where the French had now to be fought; the adjacent locality was known and shown in every detail on the maps, and Bonaparte, evidently weakened, was undertaking nothing.
We continue to build on our strategic position as a global leader in adhesives, delivering innovation for our customers and sustainable value for our shareholders."
Our students should work on their dreams and help strengthen the strategic position of Pakistan in cyber warfare.
Al-Rabaa, in particular, is considered an important victory due its strategic position enabling government forces in their advances on to other locations, and securing the perimeter around their base in Taiba.
For seven years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stridently warned Israel's citizens and the world of a multipronged Iranian threat to his nation's security and strategic position. And there is no shortage of evidence to suggest that the Iranian threat, which Netanyahu often speaks of in openly apocalyptic terms, is as real as it is grave.
Kibochi was moved to the strategic position after the previous office holder Lt General Joseph Kasaon resigned from the force on medical grounds.
The project would also provide jobs and achieve optimal economic utilisation of Egypt's infrastructure in petroleum and gas, allowing even a larger opportunity to inject more investments in this industry and contribute to providing gas to value-added projects, as well as support Egypt's strategic position in the region.
Bilawal further said that Nawaz wants to endanger democracy and the country's strategic position and added that people do not care why Nawaz was kicked out of office.
INSURANCE giant Aviva has upgraded its earnings, cash and dividend targets following what it called a transformation of its financial and strategic position.
The Chief Minister said the geo strategic position of the State needs to be channelized by opening all historic and trade routes of the State, thereby making it the gateway to Central Asia.

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