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 (străth′spā′, străth′spā′)
1. A Scottish dance, slower than a reel, for two dancers.
2. The music for this dance.

[After Strath Spey, valley of the river Spey in Scotland.]
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1. (Dancing) a Scottish dance with gliding steps, slower than a reel
2. (Music, other) a piece of music in four-four time composed for this dance
[after Strathspey, valley of the River Spey]
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(ˌstræθˈspeɪ, ˈstræθˌspeɪ)

n., pl. -speys.
1. a slow Scottish dance in quadruple meter.
2. the music for this dance.
[1645–55; after Strath Spey, the valley of the river Spey in Scotland]
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They now have a membership of more than 50 players and love playing traditional Scottish reels, jigs, strathspeys, waltzes, polkas, twosteps, slow airs and folk tunes, and ?3.15pm - Composer and singer Martin Aelred.
It will continue in the 18th century with four great fiddle melodies by Neil Gow and William Marshall, followed by the 19th century when the audience can expect to be moved by the poignancy of "Hector The Hero", a slow air by James Scott Skinner, before being uplifted by Strathspeys and swashbuckling Reels by James Scott Skinner and William Ross.
Scott Skinner, A Guide to Bowing: Strathspeys, Keels, Pastoral Melodies, Hornpipes, &c (London: Bayley & Ferguson, c.
on Thirteen with of The 87th annual Fiddlers'Rally will take place atWallace High School with jigs, reels and strathspeys on Saturday, March 24.There will also be Highland Dancers fromThe Jenkins Dance School and songs performed by Dennis Haggerty.
The programme will include reels, jigs and strathspeys. A dance partner is not necessary.
Among the subject areas covered are instruments of the tradition such as fiddle, guitar, piano, and pipes; general concepts such as accompaniment, amplification, composing, competitions, dancing, festivals, gapped scales, modes, and tempo; tune categories such as hornpipes, jigs, marches, reels, and strathspeys; and fiddle-specific elements such as bowing, drive, drone, double-stops, dynamics, flying spiccato, 'groups' of tunes (medleys), fat-flat stroke, and ornamentation.
Figures 1 and 2 demonstrates the changes made to 'The Marchioness of Huntly's Strathspey', in the 1822 and 1845 editions of William Marshall's Scottish Airs, Melodies, Strathspeys, Reels, &c.
The dirl of jigs and strathspeys does something funny to my insides.
Their repertoire includes around 60 tunes, including marches, airs, strathspeys and reels from Scotland and the rest of Britain.
The first half of Friday's show was dedicated to jigs, reels, strathspeys, and the like - music largely upbeat in character and the vehicle for impressive displays of virtuosity (instrumental and danced) from MacMaster and her colleagues.
Accompanied on guitar, bodhran and vocals by Gordon Belsher, the performance combines the best of jigs, reels and strathspeys with Wood's own compositions.
So while album opener The Source has the jazz beat, Mhairi plays folk melodies on her piano using a 1700s Strathspey. While she also uses old standards for second tune Strathspeys From Strathspey, A Good Winter is her own but fits in perfectly.

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