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Noun1.stratified sampling - the population is divided into subpopulations (strata) and random samples are taken of each stratum
sampling - (statistics) the selection of a suitable sample for study
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We have used stratified random sampling with proportional allocation.
Even within the stratified random sampling framework, there is some technical variation across states.
In November 2010, we re-sampled the Cox's Creek catchment using a stratified random sampling design (hereafter referred to as the 2010 dataset).
The sample involves 960 registered unemployed graduates (480 males and 480 females), cutting across different areas of specialization: Arts/Social Science, Basic Science/Technology, Medical/Allied sciences and Agriculture/ Environment, selected through a combination of purposive and stratified random sampling techniques.
Proportionate stratified random sampling technique was used in drawing 15% of the population which gave a total of 500 respondents.
Among them are simple random sampling, stratified random sampling, systematic sampling cluster sampling, two-stage cluster sampling, and estimating the population size.
Households were selected by stratified random sampling in a cross-sectional study conducted in New Orleans, Louisiana.
(2) They conducted a cross-sectional study at the Botswana-Baylor Children's Clinical Centre of Excellence using stratified random sampling of 100 physician and 97 nurse practitioner encounters and retrospectively reviewed the successful documentation of pill count charted, chief complaint listed, social history updated, disclosure reviewed, physical exam, laboratory testing, WHO staging and paediatric dosing.
A sample of 100 restaurants and bars was drawn by stratified random sampling technique.