Straw bail

worthless bail, as being given by irresponsible persons.

See also: Straw

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We're going to provide some protection by placing straw bail barriers behind structures,'' said Vic Andresem, hydrologist for the Angeles National Forest and BAER team leader.
20pm in a metal barn on a farm in Balsall Street, Balsall Common, which measured about 30 metres by 10 metres and contained 200 straw bails.
He was inches away from another big accident on stage five when Brodie lost control approaching a hairpin at over 90 mph, sending them backwards towards a pile of straw bails.
So organisers brought in Tees, a one-ton Shire horse who, despite his size, can negotiate the site without harming lawns or spring flowers, while graves are protected by straw bails.