Straw color

the color of dry straw, being a delicate yellow.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
MAJOR FITZ-DAVID'S visitor proved to be a plump, round-eyed overdressed girl, with a florid complexion and straw colored hair.
"While it may be reminiscent of a Helles lager in representation, it is stronger, at 5.5% abv, with a golden straw color and clean, crisp taste that goes down smooth," he says.
A vibrant pale green straw color, Jacob's Creek Moscato is light and refreshing on the palate, with a delicate "frizzante" style that's a balance of zesty acidity and soft fruit sweetness.
Pale silvery straw color. Soft and inviting aromas of citrus custard, minerals, and prairie grass follow through on a supple, silky entry to a dryish light body with touch of white pepper and a dry, soft, lingering lime rind and talc fade.
Unlike the natural straw color of Schroeder & Tremayne's Spa line, Lady Elizabeth products come in green, pink, blue and white.
White or green grapes are sweetest when the color has a yellowish cast or straw color, with a tinge of amber.
Pale straw color. Nougat and peach custard aromas follow through on a crisp entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with baked apple and delicate spice accents.
Panel Comments: "Light straw color with a lacy white head," said Robert Lachman.
Weighing in at nine percent alcohol, MacTarnahan's brewers say Grand Luxe will lure the unwary with "a pale straw color and mild hop flavor, dryness and alluring head." A Belgian Triple, Grand Luxe is made with unmalted wheat, spicy Belgian yeast and Belgian candy sugar, which contributes to flavor and alcohol content alike.
* Volutella blight on boxwood looks similar to winter damage, with leaves turning orange to bronze and then straw colored. The volutella fungus infects wounds in the branch bark caused by winter injury.
Head: Pale green to pale straw colored with longitudinal dark brown to black line medially and dark brown to black longitudinal line adjacent to each eye; dark lines reach from anterior margin of frons and antennal carina to posterior margin of head; antennal segment I with extensive dark lateral margin ranging from dusky brown to black, medial margin pale yellow; antennal segment II pale basally and gradually darkening to pale orange brown; segments III and IV concolorous with distal portion of segment II.
Fur color is usually very light brown and straw colored.