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also smooth·y  (smo͞o′thē)
n. pl. smooth·ies
1. Informal A person regarded as being assured and artfully ingratiating in manner.
2. A drink that is made of fruit or sometimes vegetables and is blended with juice, milk, or yogurt and often ice until smooth.
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(ˈsmuːðɪ) or


n, pl smoothies
1. slang usually derogatory a person, esp a man, who is suave or slick, esp in speech, dress, or manner
2. (Cookery) a smooth, thick drink made with puréed fresh fruit and yogurt, ice cream, or milk
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or smooth•y

(ˈsmu ði)

n., pl. smooth•ies.
1. Informal. a person, esp. a man, who has a winningly polished manner.
2. a thick beverage of fruit pureed in a blender with some combination of milk or yogurt, juice, and ice.
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Noun1.smoothie - someone with an assured and ingratiating mannersmoothie - someone with an assured and ingratiating manner
dissembler, dissimulator, hypocrite, phoney, phony, pretender - a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives
2.smoothie - a thick smooth drink consisting of fresh fruit pureed with ice cream or yoghurt or milk
beverage, drinkable, potable, drink - any liquid suitable for drinking; "may I take your beverage order?"
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[ˈsmuːðɪ] N (pej) → zalamero/a m/f
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[ˈsmuːðɪ] n
(= persuasive man) → charmeur m
(= fruit drink) boisson à base de purée de fruits, parfois additionnée de yaourt ou de glace
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smoothy [ˈsmuːðɪ] n (fam, pej) to be a smoothieessere anche troppo cortese e disinvolto/a
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Kiwi strawberry smoothie Ingredients * 4 strawberries chopped
However I tried to stick to the healthy vibe by choosing a delicious blueberry and strawberry smoothie. My wife had a cappuccino whilst my son the self-titled vegan expert chooses a latte with oat milk.
The new Strawberry Smoothie Sorbet flavor, for example, is nonfat, gluten-free and packs only 100 calories in a half-cup serving - compared with more than 500 in a Big Mac.
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[and is] more accessible than the more traditional Lambic fruit beers with their sour beer characteristics." Fruli was a gold medal winner at the International Beer Competition 2004 and the London 'Time Out' magazine compared it to a "strawberry smoothie with bite."
Made with low fat strawberry frozen yogurt and real strawberries, Weight Watchers Strawberry Smoothie Bars have a points value of one per bar.
The new all natural, non-GMO flavors include: Original Mocafe Mocha, Wild Tribe Moka, Tahitian Vanilla Latte, Toffee Mocha, Cookies & Cream Frappe, Spiced Chai, award-winning Matcha Green Tea Frappe, Strawberry Smoothie and Madagascar Vanilla Smoothie.
Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor SUPER STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE (Makes 1 serving) 3 ice cubes 1 cup low-fat milk i/3 cup low-fat cottage cheese 2/3 cup fresh strawberries 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Blend all ingredients for 45-60 seconds until smooth.