Stray line

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(Naut.) that portion of the log line which is veered from the reel to allow the chip to get clear of the stern eddies before the glass is turned.

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Based on my one viewing, however, I know I'll remember almost nothing of this film in six months' time, except perhaps the glowing neons and a stray line of dialogue here and there ("Politics and poetry, these are lies.
The film's occasionally soapy formulations are persuasively grounded not only by the actors, but also by Zilberman's musical erudition--his willingness to delve into the minutiae of fingerings and string crossings, or to drop in a stray line of Schubert trivia.
Pinsky would run through a poem once or twice per song, repeat a stray line or stanza, cue the band to stop or to keep going, or indicate a break for a solo.