Stream line

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ligne de courant
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Tenders are invited for Connector Bellow Type Stream Line Exhast Manifold To Ge.
He said urgent steps would also be taken to stream line the defence procurement process to make it speedy and more efficient.
According to press statement issued on Sunday, steps taken by DMA to stream line the tax collection system on account of Fascia sign boards, has increased the revenue as well.
According to Shapses, Sumitomo wanted to stream line its office operations by becoming more efficient with their space.
KPMG is strongly recommending their clients to do an impact analysis ASAP to have enough time to amend and stream line the business model.
A stream line government refinance program is helping the economy by helping residents in the market for a home loan or looking to refinance their existing mortgage.
Aviation growth brings numerous economical advantages to the region, along with goods and tourism, however, airports and aircraft are major contributors to carbon emissions, and it is important to start a dialogue about any environmental implications versus economical development", said organiser Stream Line Marketing Group director Nick Webb.
Without mentioning the constitution by name, the document amounts to a new timetable for agreeing sweeping reforms to stream line decision-making and renew creaking institutions unable to cope with an EU of 27 nations - compared with six at its launch on March 25, 1957.
In addition, as converters continue to stream line their efforts and look more toward lean manufacturing practices, Mark Andy can now be the single source supplier for common equipment designs, technical service, support and troubleshooting.
Manhole riser is used to reduce cost and stream line the adjusting of utilities to the new grade when paving a road.
Four regional academies to stream line youngsters will also be set up.
Initial transport of natural gas through the Blue Stream line is slated to begin in the third quarter, with Russia scheduled to deliver 70.