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Pyrrhus with his streite sword.
- Chaucer.
1.Close; narrow; strict.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Streit, Dean of the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer University.
Two years ago, the Streit's matzoh factory, which had been on the Lower East Side since 1916, decamped for Rockland County and has been replaced by multimillion-dollar condos.
Among the topics are die Freiheit des Geistes in Rudolph Berlingers Die Weltnatur des Menschen: Morphopoietische Metaphysik im Gesprach mit Plotin, Existenz und Perspektivismus--Zur Verlebendigung des Menschen in der Philosophie Friedrich Neitzsches, der Weg zum Begriff: Liebrucks' Logic zur Sprachlichkeit unseres Weltumgangs, der Streit um die Willensfreiheit bei Martin Luther und Erasmus von Rotterdam, and Jenseits der Technik: Liebnz und das Wunder.
The round was led by, with participation from SWS Venture Capital (founded by Steve Streit, Founder & CEO of Green Dot Corporation) and Bill Smith, CEO of Shipt.
150 Rivington is sited atop the former Streit's Matzo Factory, three blocks from the Delancey-Essex Street Subway Station.
Last year, United Nations experts' report said South Sudan purchased 173 armoured vehicles from Streit in the United Arab Emirates in 2014, after the civil war began.
Rounding out the ensemble are the Austrian-American tenor Kurt Streit (Tito), French soprano Julie Fuchs (Servilia) and American mezzo Kate Lindsey (Sesto).
It also specifies a specific brand of matzah: Streit's, "in business since 1925," the recipe notes.
4, Philadelphia, Lecavalier 1 (Streit, MacDonald), 19:27 (pp).
of New South Wales, Australia), Streit (emeritus, Max-Planck Institute of Economics, Germany), and Boettke (economics, George Mason U.).
The facility has been set up by Streit Group at the Technology Park in the emirate.