n.1.Race; offspring; stock; breed; strain.
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Nazaroff and Singer (2004) estimated increases in specific volatile organic compound concentrations (1,3-butadiene, 2-butanone, acetaldehyde, acetonitrile, acrolein, acrylo-nitrile, benzene, ethyl benzene, formaldehyde, naphthalene, phenol, strene, toluene, and xylenes) expected for average smoking activity.
Weight percent Weight vinyl percent Designation acetate styrene Test method LLDPE LLDPE not applicable not applicable Ethylene Strene ES30 or not applicable 30.
Recipe swete mylk & do it in a pan, than take pe egges with pe whyte & bete pam togyder, & do it to pe mylk, & colour it with saferon; & boyle it tyll it be thyk, and strene it & do perin; take pat pat levis in pe strenerour: presse it on a borde with a lever, & when it is cold lard it & sheve it on shyves, & rost it on a gyrdyryn, & serof it forth.
Recipe fayr capons broth & wastell brede or whyte brede, & stvewe it as pu weld make perof a sew, & colour it wele with saferon; & pan when pe sew is bolyd set it fro pe fyre, pen take a gode porcyon of egges 3olkes & strene pam & let pe eggs ryn in to pe sew, & styre it wele til it be smoth & rynnyng, & pan take pe fat of pe capon broth or of pestell of pork & do perto, & serof it forth.
Recipe whyte brede & stepe it in vinegre, & strene it throgh a cloth, & put on powdyr of gynger & salt, & serof.
Recipe bolace & seth pam & strene pam throgh a cloth, & cast team in broth; & do whyte grece perto & gratyd brede & bole it togyder, & alye it with 3olkes of egges; pan take hony & bole it & cast it peron, & serof it forth.
Pan take brown brede and stepe it in vynegre, & let pe lawmpray dy in his awn blode, & strene pe brede & pe vinegre; pan take be blode & powdyr of canell, & cast perto til it browne, & cast [fol.
Recipe mylk & boyle it, & strene egges 30lks & put team berto; ban set it ouer pe fyre, but let it not boyle, & teen styr it wele tyll it be thyk, & cast perto sugur & salt Pan take fayr paynemane & make it in sopis, & put pe stuff above peron, & serof it forth in be maner of potage.
Recipe fresh storgeon; perboyle it in fayr water & chop it small, & strene be broth with a strene3our in to a pot, & pyke clene pat fysh, & cast berto small mynced on30ns, peper & crows, macis & canell; & take fayr brede & stepe it in pe same licoure, & draw it with a strene3our, & let it boyle to gydere, & cast perto powdyr of gynger, vinagre, & saferon & salt, & serof
Recipe swete mylk & do it in a pan, & swyng egges perwith, & colour it with saferon & put perto flour; ban set it on pe fyre & let it boyle, & strene all pise to gydyr & cast [fol.
Recipe egges, & strene team with buttur, & gedyr it togyder with a sklise pe brede of a dyshe, & cowche perin morsells of brede apon pe egges, & turne be brede donwards in be pan & cast berto sugur, & serof it forth.
Recipe egges & strene pam throgh a strene30ur, & do berto cow mylk & buttur & saferon, & seth it welle & mak it stondyng; & colour it with saferon, & serof it forth.