n.1.Race; offspring; stock; breed; strain.
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Den strene it and put perto oyle of violet or oyle de olijf and and a litil bottir.
(23) Noting that the "French and English [uses of this term] have been recorded once only," (24) Francis Lee Utley turns from literature to the history of music theory and systematically considers and dismisses the possibilities of the streinant being a breve (25) a plica (26) or strene (27) note.
Nazaroff and Singer (2004) estimated increases in specific volatile organic compound concentrations (1,3-butadiene, 2-butanone, acetaldehyde, acetonitrile, acrolein, acrylo-nitrile, benzene, ethyl benzene, formaldehyde, naphthalene, phenol, strene, toluene, and xylenes) expected for average smoking activity.
It is by no means the first to use doubled notes (that is, where one of the same pitch follows closely upon another, pressus fashion) to indicate lengthening, nor indeed to employ liquescent neums such as the cephalicus (which later atrophied completely to form a long note that in later English was called the "strene"); but the amount of such indications in the later repertory of the MS (not only in The Play of Daniel) is remarkable and seems to indicate that the School of Abelard was in the vanguard of developments which eventually would lead to notational clarity in the matter of rhythm (for other sources seemingly associated with the School evince similar characteristics).
Weight percent Weight vinyl percent Designation acetate styrene Test method LLDPE LLDPE not applicable not applicable Ethylene Strene ES30 or not applicable 30.0 Interpolymer Interpolymer ELVAX * 770 EVA9 9.5 not applicable ELVAX 550 EVA15 15.0 not applicable Melt Index (dg/min) -190[degrees]C, Density 2.16 kg (g/[cm.sup.3]) Test method ASTM D-1238 ASTM D-792 LLDPE 4.0 0.939 Ethylene Strene 0.8 0.937 Interpolymer ELVAX * 770 0.8 0.930 ELVAX 550 8.0 0.935 Viscosity Tan [delta] at (Pa-s) at 190[degrees]C 190[degrees]C and and 0.1 [s.sup.-1] and 0.1 [s.sup.-1] shear rate shear rate Test method LLDPE 2092 30 Ethylene Strene 13980 4 Interpolymer ELVAX * 770 17048 2 ELVAX 550 2062 10 * Trademark of Dupont.
Prefatory staves show where strene notation occurs in Wanley, but this is not explained beyond a brief mention of Merbecke.