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compar.1.the original compar. & superl. of Strong.
Two of us shall strenger be than one.
- Chaucer.
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Contract notice: S16 - strenger tunnel, adaptation stsg.
Israeli columnist Carlo Strenger warned Israeli right-wingers against the misuse of the anti-Semitism card and leaped to Kerry's defence.
I do not give up on the two-state solution on ideological grounds," wrote Haaretz columnist Carlo Strenger in September.
Israel's Haaretz newspaper, in the voice of Carlo Strenger, carries the warning:
In a column in the Haaretz, Carlo Strenger, a professor at Tel Aviv University, said: "The primal sin of the Netanyahu government is that it links Israel's security concerns with settlement [colony] policy, with the expropriation of Palestinian property and the 'Judaization' of [Occupied] Jerusalem, a tactic that the world perceives as nothing less than ethnic cleansing.
Dr Carlo Strenger of Tel Aviv University said over recent years people around the world have been suffering from an increasing fear of their own "insignificance".
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In their column published in The Guardian on December 14, Carlo Strenger and Akiva Eldar, claimed that, "The creation of a Palestinian state is closer than ever " but only if its leadership accepts Israel's place on the map".
Carlos Strenger in Ha'aretz wrote that the bill will only make "Arabs feeling even less at home in Israel.
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Dass sich der ,Prete Rosso' trotz strenger religioser Grundhaltung als neumodischen, naturverbundenen Lebemann sehen wollte, dessen Eitelkeit ausgerechnet im Tabubruch bestand, lasst auf einen vielschichtigen Charakter schliessen.
Marc Strenger, Senior Manager, Real Estate Advisory, KPMG Doha, continued the afternoon agenda with a speech on 'Understanding Market Risk.