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compar.1.the original compar. & superl. of Strong.
Two of us shall strenger be than one.
- Chaucer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Trotz vielerorts strenger Gesetzgebung, zahlreicher Strategien und Aktionsplane der offentlichen Hand sowie enormer Anstrengungen von Naturschutzorganisationen und Privaten halt der Biodiversitatsschwund an.
'In the future, it will be particularly important to anticipate the needs of our customers worldwide, to enable us to respond promptly and flexibly to changing market requirements.' Carsten Strenger will remain CFO/COO of Romaco Holding with responsibility for Finance and Operations.
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The significant role of Transformational Leadership in promoting organisational commitment, organisational performance, organisational culture, attitude, well-being and other organisational factors were proven for the past 2 decades (Engelen, Gupta, Strenger, & Brettel, 2015; McKee, Driscoll, Kelloway & Kelley, 2011; Tourish, & Pinnington, 2002).
Em primeiro lugar, para apontar a limitacao analitica do discurso da Dogmatica Juridica tradicional, foram consultadas obras juridicas nacionais introdutorias (manuais) nacionais de autores comumente utilizados em cursos de Graduacao em Direito no pais que tratam da condicao juridica do estrangeiro no Brasil, enfatizando especificamente os direitos que estrangeiros detem em territorio brasileiro apos seu ingresso (AFONSO DA SILVA, 2005; BASTOS, 2001; BEVILAQUA, 2002; DOLINGER, 2005; MONACO; JUBILUT, 2012; RECHSTEINER, 2012; STRENGER, 1996; TIBURCIO; ALBUQUERQUE, 2015; VALLADAO, 1971) (10).
"The net is drawing closer on the present and former management board," said Christian Strenger, a former chairman of the International Corporate Governance Network, an advocacy group.
Christian Strenger -- on the board of DWS Deutsche Asset Management -- called VW's reference to the Statement of Facts "completely insufficient and insulting to all those who are interested in complete clarification of responsibilities."
Michael Blaymore, managing partner of the Roslyn Heights law firm Salamon, Gruber, Blaymore, & Strenger P.C., has been a member of the LIREG executive board since 2008.
(6) Vease la descripcion del producto (Suhrkamp, 2015: en linea): <<Die Kraft dieses Romans liegt in seiner Prosa von strenger Schonheit, oder wie Garcia Marquez sagt: ,Ich konnte nicht einschlafen, bevor ich das Buch nicht zum zweitenmal gelesen hatte, so sehr hat es mich bewegt und verzaubert'.