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 (ə-mē′nō-glī′kə-sīd′, ăm′ə-)
Any of a group of broad-spectrum antibiotics, such as streptomycin, derived from species of Streptomyces or Micromonospora bacteria and used to treat infections caused by gram-negative bacteria.
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Seven different dosage levels of chloramphenicol, dihydrostreptomycin sulfate, neomycin, penicillin G, streptomycin sulfate, penicillin G + streptomycin sulfate and penicillin G + streptomycin sulfate + chloramphenicol were added to each culture of microalgae.
Streptomycin sulfate (STP) is an aminoglycoside antibiotic, which is composed of amino sugars connected by glycosidic bonds [4] (Figure 1).
Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (DMEM), fetal bovine serum (FBS), and antibiotics (penicillin and streptomycin sulfate) were purchased from Life Technologies Inc.