Strict hand

severe discipline; rigorous government.

See also: Hand

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During the six-hour inspection they found less than half the staff they monitored followed strict hand hygiene rules.
Studies show that simple prevention steps when care is provided in the health care system can significantly reduce infection, including strict hand washing, careful preparation of surgical sites, sterile insertion of central lines, bladder catheters and other devices, as well as only using them when needed and prompt removal when they are not.
We also follow strict hand hygiene procedures involving washing with soap and water which is more effective than alcohol gel.
Airlines brought in strict hand luggage rules after the 2006 transatlantic bomb plot.
On Monday, Borisov stated that Bulgarians are just like his dogs a "one should keep a strict hand over them", he said.
Strict hand hygiene, gloves, gowns, and contact precautions in a private room are recommended for the duration of diarrhea in patients with CDI.
STRICT hand hygiene measures are being introduced in GP surgeries and care homes in the fight against infections and superbugs.
Faiz ur Rehman Farooqui, Senior registrar Abbasi Shaheed Hospital said, it is imperative that public should be advised to drink boiled water and strict hand washing specially after using the toilet and before handling food is made a common practice.
Ryanair has always had strict hand luggage restrictions.
Although the Gulf area would not normally be considered an area of concern with regard to drug abuse because of "the strict hand of government with regard to alcohol and drugs that are proscribed by the Quran," according to the U.
South Warwickshire Hospitals Health Trust, which runs Warwick and Stratford hospitals, achieved this by laying new floors, launching a deep clean and an isolation ward and promoting strict hand washing.
Everything we've discussed--purchasing good quality products, establishing and enforcing strict hand sanitation regimens--has to be brought to bear to make sure that healthcare workers don't take chances with patients and place them at increased risk of infections.