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v. strode (strōd), strid·den (strĭd′n), strid·ing, strides
1. To walk with long steps, especially in a hasty or vigorous way.
2. To take a single long step, as in passing over an obstruction.
3. To stand or sit astride; straddle.
1. To walk with long steps on, along, or over: striding the stage.
2. To step over or across: stride a brook.
3. To be astride of; straddle.
1. The act of striding.
a. A single long step.
b. The distance traveled in such a step.
a. A single coordinated movement of the four legs of a horse or other animal, completed when the legs return to their initial relative position.
b. The distance traveled in such a movement.
4. often strides A step of progress; an advance: making great strides in their studies.
hit (one's) stride
1. To achieve a steady, effective pace.
2. To attain a maximum level of competence.
take in stride
To cope with calmly, without interrupting one's normal routine: taking their newfound wealth in stride.

[Middle English striden, from Old English strīdan.]

strid′er n.
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Noun1.strider - a person who walks rapidly with long steps; "he was such a strider that she couldn't keep up without running"
pedestrian, footer, walker - a person who travels by foot
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NNA - The media office of MP Strida Geagea said in a statement that the LF Deputy has met with Army Commander General Joseph Aoun at his office in Yarzeh, marking the Army's "dawn of the mountains" major victory over terrorists.
Summary: MP Strida Geagea has filed a lawsuit against pro-Syria MP Jamil al-Sayyed for defamation, mocking and making false claims in Twitter posts.
His wife, Strida Geagea, is running for office, and is already an MP in the chamber of 2009-2018.
A good place to start (what with all of those New Year's resolutions about getting in shape), is with the triangle-shaped STRiDA LT bicycle, which opens and folds in less than 10 seconds--no tools needed.
This year's distinguished list of brand partners are Adata, Acer, Alya, Apex Medical Corp, AS Rock, Autotek, Avision, Bandrich, BXB, Chanson, Chumpower, Cyber Power, Delta Vivitek, D-Link, Draco Design, Edimax, Feeler, Formosa, HTC, Just time, Just Power, Karma, Kenyo, KNH, Kss, LC, Mediland, Miacare, Microlife Corporation, Optoma, Orange Electronic, Puli Paper, Reverie, Sakura, Shinyu, Silicon Power, Strida, Super Guider, Tales, Tern, Thermaltake, Thermedic, Trans electronic, Transcend, Ucheer Health tech, Zyxel and 3Magi Mug.
Lebanon's Hottest MP Just in case you were uncertain about Lebanon's hottest Member of Parliament, Strida Geagea, 45, is adamant on reminding you it's her.
Ming Cycle's Taiwanese factory registered revenue of NT$1.2 billion (US$40 million) in 2011, and the value is expected to rise to NT$1.5 billion (US$50 million) in 2012 due to increasing orders and shipments of its STRiDA folding bikes, a British brand the maker bought two years ago.
Lebanese Forces MP Strida Geagea has called for arresting members who took part in shootings that shook the northern district of Bsharri on Sunday afternoon, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Monday.
ceremony along with two Lebanese Members of Parliament (MPs) Strida Geagea and
Geagea is accompanied by two LF legislators, his wife, Strida Geagea, and Antoine Zahra, the paper said.
"The issue then was how to help Lebanon and how to save Lebanon from those difficult times and it was all-consuming," says Strida Geagea, one of Lebanon's current women MPs.