a.1.(Bot.) Set with stiff, slender bristles.
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Inflorescence a reduced pair-flowered axillary cyme with 1-4 flowers; peduncle absent; bracts 3.5-6.5 x 0.5-1 mm, green to maroon, linear, apex acute, base truncate, margin entire, glabrate to strigillose. Pedicel erect or oblique relative to the stem, 10-23 mm long, green, rugose, scarcely pilose to pilose, with glands toward the apex.
Stems 1.5-4.5 dm; middle and upper leaves subentire or serrulate; fruiting pedicels strigillose adaxially L.
Stems 10-45 cm, erect, striate, often simple, glabrous below, strigillose above, simple or divaricately branched above.
annual) habit, densely strigillose leaf surfaces (vs.