Striking plate

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The plate against which the latch of a door lock strikes as the door is closed
A part of the centering of an arch, which is driven back to loosen the centering in striking it.

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connection modules, - 397 magnetic contacts, imprinting pins, locking elements and striking plate contacts, - 61 pieces infrared motion detector, - 1 st.
It took years of corrosion and dropping plumb bobs to penetrate the striking plate and hull.
This allows you to see where the striking plate should go.
It may incorporate a marking device to gauge the position of the striking plate in the doorframe.
Tenders are invited for Striking Plate Complete Drg .
Striking plate contact; Access control center; Individualization of persons; 25 pcs.
Tenders are invited for Striking Plate For Door Lock Icf Size: 10 X 50 X 160 Mm Material Specn: 2062.