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(ˈstrɪndbɜːɡ; Swedish ˈstrɪndbærj)
(Biography) August (ˈauɡʊst). 1849–1912, Swedish dramatist and novelist, whose plays include The Father (1887), Miss Julie (1888), and The Ghost Sonata (1907)


(ˈstrɪnd bɜrg, ˈstrɪn-)

Johan August, 1849–1912, Swedish novelist and playwright.
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Noun1.Strindberg - Swedish dramatist and novelist (1849-1912)Strindberg - Swedish dramatist and novelist (1849-1912)
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Thompson abandoned earlier attempts at Strindbergian angst and turned to Joan Littlewood and Jacques Brel as models to produce this song-play that told the story of the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the subsequent Depression in New Zealand.
Do not expect a Swedish-Finnish love story in Bergmanian or Strindbergian mode.
Rather, his own comments quite plainly set out that, in the wake of a serious and debilitating depression, his aim was to exorcise his own internal demons in a Strindbergian homage to Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, and that the female protagonist was largely a projection of his own psyche.
Her essay focuses on the stand-out painting Strindbergian (1927).
Marber's works frequently trade in emotional devastation, so he should be at home with Strindbergian despair.
It is here that she makes the connection between the doll's house, Ibsen and her mother: 'Aunty Babs prides herself on being a good cook and suffers none of the Strindbergian gloom that Bunty experiences when cooking.