String beans

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A dish prepared from the unripe pods of several kinds of beans; - so called because the strings are stripped off
Any kind of beans in which the pods are used for cooking before the seeds are ripe; usually, the low bush bean.

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No more can it be explained than can a human explain why, at luncheon to-day, he selects green peas and rejects string beans, when only yesterday he elected to choose string beans and to reject green peas.
One can either have oxtail or beef slices for this mixed with pechay (Chinese cabbage), eggplant, and string beans. This is best enjoyed with shrimp paste as the stew is often not salty.
Cabbage, carrots, and string beans go into the simmering broth, which, by now, should already have the dimensions of flavor and textures we want to create.
Due to the hot weather phenomenon, Anadia said two hectares of string beans and two hectares of rice have been totally damaged in Barangays Adlaon and Cambinocot, respectively.
We grew grapes, made beer and wine, canned tomatoes, froze string beans, and generated good cash flow to boot.
Shouting through air vents between their cells, his neighbors would count the number of vegetables on their trays: eight string beans one day, 26 peas the next.
Beltran said the Aeta have been harvesting and selling string beans grown in their communal gardens, earning at least P200,000.
De Mesa added that Calabarzon is known for "pakbet", so the other vegetable crops they are eying are string beans, squash and bitter gourd.
Kare-kare is a stew of ox tail and tripe in a peanut sauce and served with vegetables like eggplant and string beans.
1 cup string beans, blanched and cut into 1-inch pieces (see note)
Over the years, we have grown brinjal, capsicum, chilies, tomatoes, bitter gourd, snake gourd, ridge gourd, bottle gourd, ash gourd, pumpkin, parsley, coriander, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, butter beans, long broad beans, string beans, Amaranth-cheera, cucumber, curry leaves, drumstick, fenugreek, garlic, onion, potato, mint, lady's finger, spinach, turmeric, arrow root.