Stringy bark

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(Bot.) a name given in Australia to several trees of the genus Eucalyptus (as E. amygdalina, obliqua, capitellata, macrorhyncha, piperita, pilularis, ), which have a fibrous bark used by the aborigines for making cordage and cloth.

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Although the abraded and stringy bark obtained by drum debarking is less intact, it is not necessarily of lower quality.
Professor Haynes documented the construction of a goose-necked stringy bark canoe, believed to be the same type that Thompson described in his work on the Arafura Swamp; a burial pole; a bone pole manufactured under the supervision of Gunavidji elders; a flat woomera; and a round stick.
Brushes are whittled or chewed and shaped from strips of stringy bark and pliant green twigs.