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v. strip-mined, strip-min·ing, strip-mines
1. To mine (ore) from a strip mine.
2. To subject to strip mining: strip-mined the land.
To engage in strip mining.

strip miner n.


v.t., v.i. -mined, -min•ing.
to excavate by open-cut methods.
strip′ mine`, n.
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Natural re-establishment of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae following stripmine reclamation in Wyoming.
Use of a reclaimed stripmine by grassland-nesting birds in east-central Ohio.
Natural reestablishment of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae following stripmine reclamation in Wyoming.
Given its popularity, and how frequently film makers stripmine television for ideas, a movie was inevitable, though it has been a surprisingly long time coming.
Congress, 1977) with nine subdivisions or Titles placed stripmine reclamation operations under federal government control.
00pm) Bo and Luke Duke discover a plot to stripmine their entire town.
The Salt River Project, an Arizona-based utility, abruptly canceled its plans to stripmine coal near the western New Mexico lake, the traditional home of the Zuni deity Salt Woman.
Topping the list are two landscapes sacred to native peoples: Ocmulgee Old Fields, a national monument in Georgia where ancestral mounds may soon be destroyed by highway construction, and Zuni Salt Lake in New Mexico, which is threatened by the Salt River Project's proposed coal stripmine.
We first stripmine the loop to be optimized, transforming it into an inner and an outer loop.
43) During the first half of this century, holders of mineral interests in Kentucky had the right to destroy the surface of the land and every structure on it in their race to stripmine the coal.