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Endovenous obliteration versus conventional stripping operation in the treatment of primary varicose veins: a randomized controlled trial with comparison of the costs.
According to a penalty order issued by Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), Summit Aviation was found to have committed 18 violations, most of which were related to an unauthorized paint stripping operation, inadequate storage and disposal of hazardous materials and shoddy record keeping.
This structure significantly improves the silica retention during the steam stripping operation. Almost 100% (99+%) silica retention has been achieved by this invention.
SIR - Dust clouds are once more blowing towards surrounding villages and hamlets from a new soil stripping operation that is taking place at the opencast site of Parc Slip, near Bridgend.
"The order came from the management to remove the chemical stripping operation and find an alternative.
During the gel stage, the mold is moderately flexible, which facilitates the stripping operation. After two to three minutes, the mold can be stripped away from the pattern and the mold is flamed with high temperature gas flame.