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Noun1.Strix - owls lacking ear tuftsStrix - owls lacking ear tufts    
bird genus - a genus of birds
family Strigidae, Strigidae - a family of nocturnal birds of the order Strigiformes
great gray owl, great grey owl, Strix nebulosa - large dish-faced owl of northern North America and western Eurasia
Strix aluco, tawny owl - reddish-brown European owl having a round head with black eyes
barred owl, Strix varia - large owl of eastern North America having its breast and abdomen streaked with brown
spotted owl, Strix occidentalis - a large owl of North America found in forests from British Columbia to central Mexico; has dark brown plumage and a heavily spotted chest
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Sclater, informs me that this is the case with the Strix punctatissima and Pyrocephalus nanus; and probably with the Otus Galapagoensis and Zenaida Galapagoensis: so that the number of endemic birds is reduced to twenty-three, or probably to twenty-one.
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2000: Diet shifts of the tawny owl Strix aluco in central and northern Italy.
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