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A usually rounded or columnar sedimentary structure consisting of alternating layers of carbonate or silicate sediment and fossilized microbial mats, produced over geologic time by the trapping, binding, or precipitating of minerals by groups of microorganisms, primarily cyanobacteria.

[Late Latin strōma, strōmat-, covering; see stroma + -lite.]

stro·mat′o·lit′ic (-măt′l-ĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Palaeontology) a rocky mass consisting of layers of calcareous material and sediment formed by the prolific growth of cyanobacteria: such structures date back to Precambrian times
[C20: from Greek, from strōma covering + -lite]
stromatolitic adj


(stroʊˈmæt lˌaɪt)

a laminated calcareous fossil structure built by marine algae and having a rounded or columnar form.
[< German Stromatolith (1908) < New Latin stromat-, s. of stroma stroma + -o- -o- + German -lith -lith; see -lite]
stro•mat`o•lit′ic (-ˈɪt ɪk) adj.
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Abundant remains of ostracods, bivalves, 'serpulid worms' (microconchs), charophyte algae and stromatolites from this section in association with vertebrates have been discussed by Alekseev et al.
Stromatolites and microbially induced sedimentary structures (miss) are considered as one of the earliest evidence of life in earths history, And can be found from the archean to the present time.
Stromatolites form from mats of photosynthetic bacteria that trap sediments and microbes, building layer upon layer until eventually they become dome-like rock structures, sometimes reaching basketball proportions.
The new model is based on stromatolites round, multi-layered mineral structures that range from the size of golf balls to weather balloons and represent the oldest evidence that there were living organisms on Earth 3.
Stromatolites were a key clue for these researchers.
stromatolicola from stromatolites in two evaporitic lakes and a marsh in the Cuatro Cienegas basin, in central Coahuila, northern Mexico (Zamudio-Valdez and Reid 1990), L.
Within the Pilbara hotspring deposits, the researchers also discovered stromatolites - layered rock structures created by communities of ancient microbes.
I've been filming some stories for the programme in the Pilbara desert, in Western Australia, working with some fantastic scientists looking at stromatolites and signs of early life and how that might help to inform the 2020 Mars Rover mission.
If so, these stromatolites represent the oldest fossilized evidence of life on Earth (SN: 10/1/16, p.
The local ecosystem provides evidence of water in the arid landscape; ancient riverbeds at the highest elevation point, marine fossils in the desert and the stromatolites on sea-turtle beaches," says Jeffries.
Les specialistes parlent de stromatolites et imputent ces formes a des micro-organismes.
These deposits were formed as microbial mats in a subtidal to intertidal environment of a shallow platform system, associated to planar-laminated stromatolites (Calvet et al.