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 (strŏm′bə-lē, strōm′bō-)
An island of southern Italy in the Lipari Islands off northeast Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its volcano, 924 m (3,031 ft) high, erupted violently in 1930, 2002, and 2003.


(Placename) an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Lipari Islands off the N coast of Sicily: famous for its active volcano, 927 m (3040 ft) high


(ˈstrɒm bə li)

1. an island off the NE coast of Sicily, in the Lipari group.
2. an active volcano on this island. 3040 ft. (927 m).
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Skirting along the north coast of Sicily, passing through the group of Aeolian Isles, in sight of Stromboli and Vulcania, both active volcanoes, through the Straits of Messina, with "Scylla" on the one hand and "Charybdis" on the other, along the east coast of Sicily, and in sight of Mount Etna, along the south coast of Italy, the west and south coast of Greece, in sight of ancient Crete, up Athens Gulf, and into the Piraeus, Athens will be reached in two and a half or three days.
The whirlwinds of fire and the smoke that hangs on Scylla suggests allusion to Stromboli and perhaps even Etna.
Stromboli is an Italian food made out of the need and wish to enjoy pizza on the go.
establishment, is recalling approximately 981 pounds of Stromboli products due to misbranding and an undeclared allergen, the U.
Two slices of the chain's XL New York Cheese Pizza would inflict less damage to your waistline (or your cardiologist's bill) than a single Pepperoni Stromboli.
I would describe a stromboli as a rolled- up pizza packed with mozzarella and meat ( in this case, ham).
Stromboli, as well as being a small island off the north coast of Sicily, is also something damn tasty to eat and really good fun to make.
Myriam and Paolo came to Panarea in the misty-eyed 1960 s and fell in love with the island, a lava stones throw from the smoking volcano on Stromboli and the snoozing one on Vulcano.
Offshore, in the Tyrrhenian Sea is another active volcano, Stromboli.
New high-speed videos from Italy's Mount Stromboli show that its continual eruptions can belch stuff out more than twice as fast as scientists had thought.
The compact line comprises two models for volumetric Karl Fischer titration and two Karl Fischer Coulometers--V20: everything needed for routine volumetric Karl Fischer titration from 100 ppm up to 100% water; V30: all-around volumetric titrator with additional security features, comprehensive application possibilities and automation with the Stromboli oven sample changer; C20: routine Karl Fischer coulometer for determination from 1 ppm up to 5% water; and C30: all-around coulometer with additional security features, comprehensive application possibilities and automation with the Stromboli oven sample changer.
The course saw the 17 competitors navigate around seven turning marks, consisting of the notable yellow Rolex marks and the beautiful Aeolian Islands including the live volcanic island Stromboli.