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n.1.(Min.) A steel-gray mineral of metallic luster. It is a sulphide of silver and copper.
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2) LLS Sphalerite ZnS *** (2) Stromeyerite CuAgS * (2) Vaesite Ni[S.
We must surely concede by now that Dzhezkazgan is one of the very greatest of contemporary specimen localities, but you'll only really turn on to it if you favor metallic minerals (world-class crystallizations of silver, copper, bornite, chalcocite, tennantite, stromeyerite, etc.
Box 54, 272 80 Kladno, Czech Republic) brought in a mighty sophisticated new lot of things from the copper mines of Dzhezkazgan, including the familiar bornite, chalcocite and stromeyerite specimens in good overall quality, and even a few small miniatures of dolomite in small pink saddle crystals with quartz: nothing great for dolomite, but at last a non-metallic (gangue?
At this show the Dzherkazgan scoop was a handful of thumbnails of exceptional crystallized stromeyerite (AgCuS) offered by Dudley Blanwet of Mountain Minerals International.
From Springfield I mentioned the new stromeyerite crystal clusters from Dzhezkazgan, Kazakhstan, and there were, sure enough, a few more of these around; and Herb Obodda had two small cabinet specimens of what is surely the finest betekhtinite yet produced from Dzhezkazgan or anywhere else.