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n.1.Strand; beach.
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The horse shall stamp as careless of the pike; Drums shall be turned to timbrels of delight; With wealthy favours plenty shall enrich The strond that gladded wandering Brute to see, And peace from heaven shall harbour in these leaves That gorgeous beautifies this matchless flower.
Also attending the bride were Marcy Grace Dodge; Chelsea Tucker Kirkpatrick; Anne Waters Jackson; Emily Turner Parnell; Anna Gregory Fiser, sister of the groom; and Robbie Fiser Strond, sister of the groom.
The distribution of the preposition down in Late Middle English is limited to a number of collocations: doun hill, doun the plain, doun the water, doun the strond, down the se, doun the wode, which shows that the change from adverb to preposition was not completed at that time yet.
7) Bassanio seems naive when he lauds the golden fleece of Portia's hair and casts himself as a Jason in quest of it, seeing in Belmont a replay of the romance on Colchos' strond.
Cooper AB, Ngapo NI, Parminter TG, Strond MJ (1997) Encouraging implementation of riparian buffer schemes--the New Zealand experience.
COVENTRY club Saracens RC had four runners competing at the Strond half- marathon, Anthony O'Brien finishing in 1-30-31 ahead of Karen Timothy (1-49-10), Mick George (1-51-10) and Victoria Timms (2-03-38).
Eagle Rock regrouped and played a strond second half.