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1. A woman who performs feats of strength, as in a weightlifting competition or at a circus.
2. A woman who is a powerful, influential political figure who exercises leadership and control by force.
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Among the major awards handed out, Sports Performance of the Year went to strongwoman Jenny Todd.
The strongwoman category includes five exercises: log press, UAE stone carry, ATV dead lift, farmer's walk and Atlas Stone.
Although seen as a niche area of sports clothing, the demand for highquality garments for athletes in the strongman and strongwoman competitions has never been higher thanks to the growth in popularity of strength-based fitness in crossfit and powerlifting.
In-keeping with the carnival theme, there will be a selection of Victorian games, including the chance to ride a penny farthing, a strongman and strongwoman competition and space hopper race.
Her focalizing contributions to A Feast for Crows, ceaselessly laboring the chasm between her self-image as a Machiavellian strongwoman and her mismanagement of the kingdom, await future classroom use as textbook examples of Frye's ironic mode.
Cara's friends from the world of variety did not believe him and it was the well-known strongwoman of the time, Kate 'Vulcana' Williams, who alerted police to her suspicions.
The theatrical circus's futuristic melodrama "Dust Revival," led by ringleader William Batty, features a free-for-all of acrobatics, a strongwoman, contraptionist and dance with live music by Three for Silver.
But now Newsome woman Emma Taylor is celebrating - having won a Strongwoman title at the first attempt.
The 20 year-old strongwoman from Four Mile Bridge set a global best in her class at the World Powerlifting Championships in Telford recently to become Junior World Champion.
Mama Lou Strongwoman also returns with her Guinness Record-breaking shows of strength.
And can their new friend Alice, professional ower-arranger and secret Strongwoman, nd her rightful place in the circus?
Thatcher clearly relished her strongwoman poster image and famously humiliated Geoffrey Howe, one of her most respected senior ministers, in front of the entire cabinet, helping to spur his resignation and her own downfall.