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1. A woman who performs feats of strength, as in a weightlifting competition or at a circus.
2. A woman who is a powerful, influential political figure who exercises leadership and control by force.
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People need to be constantly motivated to initiate and sustain cultural change, and that is why our strongmen or strongwomen to be will need to think through their programs for convincing people to change, and to sustain the changes.
He's creating a group of not just strongmen, but also strongwomen, capable of conquering competitions just as he has.
In fact, it was Abergavenny that produced possibly the most successful and heroic of the early 20th century strongwomen.
TWO strongwomen stand out in this week's headlines .
Like the mythical strongwomen who cut off their right breast to make it easier to shoot their bows, each of Sheena's Dunfermline Amazons is a fighter.
Circus strongwomen are called "understanders," not because of their feminine empathy but their position at the bottom of human pyramids; understanders such as Pudgy Stockton and Dunlap Kaan hoist their husbands over their heads, a feat particularly pleasurable to Amazons.
THE strongwomen of pop have powered their way to success at the Grammy awards.
But many were novelty items that featured women in stereotypically masculine roles--lady cornetists, trombonists, and baritones are listed alongside the lady fencers, boxers, and strongwomen.
Nelson, who is the author of eight books, including Strong Women Stay Young (Bantam Books, 2000), has animated versions of these and other exercises on strongwomen.