Structural shape

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Struc´tur`al shape

1.(Engin. & Arch.) The shape of a member especially adapted to structural purposes, esp. in giving the greatest strength with the least material.
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A metabolic disorder (which requires a workup by an endocrinologist to diagnose) or the structural shape of your leg may make you more prone to tibial fractures.
It is fundamentally in good structural shape, but can't decouple from the recession in the euro zone, plus the global economy has also shifted down a gear," he said.
According to the deputy, the previous loyalists, known as March 14 camp, made an ill-use of their authority when they exploited it for allowing their public supporters to build in an illegal manner that distorts the structural shape of a city or any region.
Almost immediately he took it on, not least because he felt it was already in such good structural shape.
For us, it's a significant upgrade from a 60-year-old house with structural problems to one only 10 to 15 years old that is well insulated and in good structural shape.
Besides, the layout of the kitchen is largely governed by the available space and most householders are familiar with access between the sink, fridge and cooker 'triangle', so re-facing carcasses that are in perfectly good structural shape makes financial sense.
The foliage ranges from deep red stripes to acid greens and forms an impressive structural shape, and as it matures it assumes the look of a palmlike tree.
A parametric study was used to establish trends in structural performance with regard to changes in shape, and from this structural shape optimisation could be carded out.
I will employ Schenker's theory of melodic structure to show how "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" deviates from this theory in an important way, and I will uncover an essential link between the structural shape of the melodic line and the text and meaning of the song.
Once the structural shape, face, and measurements are reported, then report using face, floor, and any additional information.

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