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n.1.(Min.) A crystalline mineral found in guano. It is a hydrous phosphate of magnesia and ammonia.
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Struvite stones are associated with kidney infections.
Sloan combines the best of both worlds: water-free operation and periodic water injection that helps prevent the formation of calcite and easily removes any small amounts of struvite forming in the drain line.
When struvite is used as a fertilizer, the plant absorbs all the N due to struvite's slow releasing characteristics (Lee et al.
These include increased nitrogen loads, production of odiferous compounds and struvite (a precipitate that can clog pipes, pumps, and equipment), buildup of volatile acids that can prevent the digester running smoothly, and undesirable changes in the quality and characteristics of the residual digestate.
11,28) Differentiating among nonuric acid stones presents a greater diagnostic challenge, with overlap in attenuation ratios of components such as calcium and struvite.
Chemical analysis confirmed struvite stones, which are associated with chronic urinary tract infections by urea-metabolizing microorganisms.
Ostara's solution is a system whereby struvite is created under controlled conditions by adding magnesium chloride in a cone-shaped, fluidized bed reactor.
Our integrated system includes a process for anaerobic digestion of the stillage to produce biogas (which is a biofuel), struvite precipitation for phosphorous recovery, and finally cleaning the wastewater using an advanced oxidation process.
Struvite forms naturally when phosphate, magnesium and ammonium mix in the right proportions.
The anaerobic digestion of sludge leads to the formation of struvite because ammonia, phosphate and magnesium are solubilised by the digestion process (Mamais et al.
Native stones are struvite, calcium phosphate or calcium carbonate in composition, have no nucleus and are of uniform structure.