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Noun1.Stuart Davis - United States painter who developed an American version of cubism (1894-1964)Stuart Davis - United States painter who developed an American version of cubism (1894-1964)
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Irving Couse, Stuart Davis, Leon Gaspard, Robert Henri, John Marin, John Sloan, and Walter Ufer are juxtaposed with lesser-known or virtually unknown works by William Verplanck Birney, Richard Crisler, Katherine Levin Farrell, Jan Matulka, Arthur Musgrave, Polia Pillin, and Beulah Stevenson.
The late Lee Aguinaldo, one remembers, was a jazz enthusiast, as the American artists Jackson Pollock and Stuart Davis were-and even some artists from the present generation are dedicated vinyl or CD collectors of vintage and classical music.
Coun Stuart Davis (Con, St Alphege) said he was not against the scheme, but he had a number of concerns about the design.
Councillor Stuart Davis, will serve a year as to the newly-elected Coun Flo Nash
The Idaho Statesman reported Monday that Stuart Davis was charged with seven counts of grand theft over $1,000.
Mikey Ackers, Howard Rose and The Mayor of Solihull, Stuart Davis
At Briggs Hardware in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, customers frequently ask for help to get their jobs done, says Stuart Davis, the store's handyman and co-owner of the business with his wife, Evelyn Murray.
Stuart Davis during the release of FireEye's latest Threat Report in Dubai on Wednesday.
As John Graham, he was part of the triumvirate (along with Arshile Gorky and Stuart Davis) whom Willem de Kooning felt he had to look up as soon as he got to New York.
The inability to formulate a streamlined process to efficiently manage existing and potential cyber threats can lead to consequential legal and financial challenges in the long run," said Stuart Davis, Director, Mandiant Services.