n.1.A number of sheaves set together in the field; a stook.
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5lb; Gordon Nicholas and John Shirley had matching three fish 5lb catches and a 4lb brace went home with John Stuckle and John Poyner.
CONTACT: Rita Sipe of Duke Energy, +1-704-382-8333; Jarret Adams of AREVA, +1-301-841-1695; Lori Vidil Dries of UniStar, +1-443-514-5398; Elizabeth Stuckle of USEC Inc.
Harald Stuckle has been traveling the United States this past week, promoting Beck's Oktoberfest beer.
Herr Stuckle is the Beck's quality compliance manager at the Beck's brewery in Bremen, Germany.
The granite pedestal, designed by Bartholdi's friend Henri de Stuckle, engineer of New York's waterworks, was paid for by French residents of New York.
For the base, Stuckle created a simple, light grey granite pedestal tapering up from three square steps.
For further information, contact Elizabeth Stuckle at (301) 564-3399 or Charles Yulish at (301) 564-3391.
We were sitting down with Beck's brewmaster Harald Stuckle to sample the new Beck's Oktoberfest, but we couldn't resist the opportunity to get a German brewmaster's take on American IPA.
CONTACT: Charles Yulish or Elizabeth Stuckle of USEC, 301-564-3391/
CONTACT: Elizabeth Stuckle, 301-564-3399, or Barbara Arnold, 301-564-3354, both of the United States Enrichment Corporation/
CONTACT: Barbara Arnold, 301-564-3354, or Elizabeth Stuckle, 301-564-3399, both of United States Enrichment Corporation.