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stunt 1

tr.v. stunt·ed, stunt·ing, stunts
To check the growth or development of.
1. One that stunts.
2. One that is stunted.
3. A plant disease that causes dwarfing.

[From Middle English stunnt, foolish, short-witted, short (influenced by Old Norse stuttr, short, dwarfish), from Old English stunt.]

stunt′ed·ness n.

stunt 2

1. A feat displaying unusual strength, skill, or daring.
2. Something done to attract attention or publicity.
intr.v. stunt·ed, stunt·ing, stunts
To perform stunts or a stunt.

[Origin unknown.]
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Adj.1.stunted - inferior in size or quality; "scrawny cattle"; "scrubby cut-over pine"; "old stunted thorn trees"
inferior - of low or inferior quality


adjective undersized, dwarfed, little, small, tiny, diminutive, dwarfish low, stunted trees
غَيْر مُكْتَمِل النُّمو
bodur kalmış


[ˈstʌntɪd] ADJenano, mal desarrollado


[ˈstʌntɪd] adj [growth] → retardé(e); [tree] → rabougri(e)stunt kite ncerf-volant m acrobatiquestunt man stuntman [ˈstʌntmæn] ncascadeur mstunt woman stuntwoman [ˈstʌntwʊmən] ncascadeuse f


adj plant, mindverkümmert; childunterentwickelt; the stunted growth of these treesdie verkümmerten Bäume; his stunted growthseine Verwachsenheit; stunted developmentUnterentwicklung f


[ˈstʌntɪd] adj (tree) → striminzito/a; (person) → rachitico/a


(stant) verb
to prevent or check the full growth or development of. It is thought that smoking by a pregnant mother may stunt the baby's growth.
ˈstunted adjective
not well grown. a stunted tree.
References in classic literature ?
Pale and haggard faces, lank and bony figures, children with the countenances of old men, deformities with irons upon their limbs, boys of stunted growth, and others whose long meagre legs would hardly bear their stooping bodies, all crowded on the view together; there were the bleared eye, the hare-lip, the crooked foot, and every ugliness or distortion that told of unnatural aversion conceived by parents for their offspring, or of young lives which, from the earliest dawn of infancy, had been one horrible endurance of cruelty and neglect.
Speaking at Bura Subcounty Hospital when he presided over the launch of the week, Fafi subcounty Health ministry official Issak Mohamed highlighted the importance of breastfeeding in preventing sickness and stunted growth among children.
He especially commended the efforts of the government in tackling the issue of stunted growth, improving health care and the initiative of 10 billion Tree Tsunami and Ehsaas Programme.
He commended the efforts of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government in tackling the issue of stunted growth, improving primary health care, the initiative of 10 billion tree tsunami to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change and launching a comprehensive poverty alleviation 'Ehsaas' programme in the country.
He especially commended the efforts of the Government in tackling the issue of stunted growth, improving primary health care, the initiative of 10 Billion Tree Tsunami to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change and launching a comprehensive poverty alleviation 'Ehsaas' program in the country.
These two most neglected issues during the tenures of elected governments of the democracy clamouring two mainstreams have resulted in mass malnutrition in both adults and children and the stunted growth among children.
"The Philippines remains one of nine countries with the highest number of children with stunted growth," she said.
UNICEF reports stunted growth in 38 percent of the children under five years in Pakistan.
Mario Capanzana, Food and Nutrition Research Institute director of the Department of Science and Technology, said mingo meals had been clinically tested and proven to effectively address malnutrition and stunted growth.
Women's health is neglected and maternal malnutrition not only leads to higher mortality rates among women, but also foetal growth restriction, increasing the risk of stunted growth and other disabilities in children.
MULTAN: Lack of proper awareness, campaigning and counselling among masses is main reason of stunted growth (short height) in the backward region of south Punjab.
72-year-old Sadin (right) with her inspirational student Sadin with stunted growth Image Credit: SUPPLIED