v. t.1.To disturb.
References in classic literature ?
"Well, 'twarn't no use to 'sturb you, Huck, tell we could do sumfn -- but we's all right now.
[50.] Sturb R, Black B: The Mental Status Examination in Neurology.
He replies that it would not cost much "ez fuh ez money is consarned," but adds, "ef dat wuz my trac' er lan', I would n' 'sturb it, no suh, I would n'" (166).
"Not ta yank yer chain or 'sturb ya, Mister," he drawled, "But could I ask just what the heck you're doin'?
19 Heydecke G, Akkad AS, Wolkewitz M, Vogeler M, Tu"rp JC, Sturb JR.
He may have been in his mid-50s then, but he was ahead of the game in using emails to interact with his loyal listeners - many of whom adopted punning pseudonyms such as Edina Cloud, Lucy Lastic, Sly Stunnion, Roland Butter, Lucy Quipment, Anne Kersaway, Peregrine Trousers, Alf Hartigan or Mick Sturbs.
But it was only later that Susan discovered the truth,,he wasn't a burglar she'd disturbed truth, he wasn't a burglar she'd disturbed a sturbed - he was a hitman sent by the man she'd loved, Michael she'd Kuhnhausen
His wry observations, tendency to go off on rambling esoteric tangents, banter with producers and interaction with his listeners through e-mails and letters - earning them punning pseudonyms such as Edina Cloud, Lucy Lastic, Mick Sturbs or Hellen Bach - has made him a firm favourite with audiences and many regard him as something of a national treasure.
I accept: "Isn't it that you are di sturbed about us and that flooding out what we are with over-feelings seems to make a close bond possible?" Yes, but consciously I know that no bond is thus possible.
(Alec raises both hands in emphatic protest) I done 'sturbed de peace--des lak yer say.