n.1.See Sty, a boil.
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Mr Hynes acquired the remaining 50% stake in the firm from his business partner Mike Styan.
"For over 25 years, maritime strategy and port development in the Red Sea and Gulf af Aden appeared relatively static," says David Styan, a professor at the University of London's department of politics.
This benefit can become a disadvantage when sperm are so numerous that eggs fail to develop (polyspermy, Rothschild, 1954; Styan, 1998; Franke et al., 2002; Levitan et al., 2007).
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Styan points out, "an announcement of [the] intent [to perform]: 'Ring, a ring!' (from Heptonstall, Yorkshire) or 'Room, a room!' elsewhere [a traditional call in mummings]." (56) Capulet is trying to make his guests aware of the entrance of the masquers and musicians.
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Styan, "The Phe-Phe motif for peptide self-assembly in nanomedicine," Molecules, vol.
Styan, "On the existence and uniqueness of the maximum likelihood estimate of a vector-valued parameter in fixed-size samples," The Annals of Statistics, vol.
Baksalary and Styan [10] presented the necessary and sufficient conditions under which {1}, {2}, {1, 2}, {1, 3}, and {1, 4}-inverses of block matrix M can be represented by the Banachiewicz-Schur form.
Universally acclaimed as a "suburban tragedy" (Styan 143), the play immediately struck a deep chord with American audiences, and within a year of its premier, the play was performing in every major city in America.
Karen Selley |and, inset, Volunteers Liz Styan and Gina Wescott with food at The Welcome Centre